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The French Pavilion Brings Quality, Diversity and Innovation at Beauty World ME 2017

The French Pavilion Brings Quality, Diversity and Innovation at Beauty World ME 2017

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 / Editor    

United Arab Emirates; May 09 - 76 companies providing “Made in France” products will be exhibiting on the French pavilion at BEAUTYWORLD MIDDLE EAST from 14 to 16 May 2017. 11 of them will, for the first time, be in the FRAGRANCES zone which will feature suppliers of ingredients and essences, manufacturers of finished products, and private label companies. 

With the participation of regional partners from France such as Bretagne Commerce International, Cosmed, Cosmetic Valley and Devup, the French Pavillon is a showcase to the latest French innovations at BWME 2017. Through their vitality and export maturity, all of the companies on the French pavilion are major suppliers to the cosmetics industry and to leading beauty brands around the world. French cutting-edge cosmetics and high-technology treatments are offering increasingly innovative, environmentally friendly and organic products of remarkable diversity. 

French cosmetics companies export more than half of their production, amounting to €11.8 billion in 2015. This trend increased a further 4.4% in 2016, driven by both the big names and the smaller brands.

The perfume sector has, recently been adversely affected by lack of diversification in the market with an increase in new perfumes that barely differ in fragrance. To counter this trend, French perfume manufacturers are relying on Haute Parfumerie by launching creative limited editions with fragrances with original olfactory signatures. These alternative perfumes now account for 10% of the global market. They rely on the quality of their composition associated with the use of higher quality ingredients. 

During the show, the French make-up brand ARCANCIL PARIS will reveal among other the SUMMER 2017 BRONZE LOOK collection. With history spanning over 80 years, ARCANCIL PARIS, originally established as the eye-make-up forunner, continues to lead with the launch of innovative products addressing the beauty requirements by make-up professionals and consumers worldwide. 

For the first time, Vonage Laboratories will participate to the show: “Driven by creative passion combined with solid experience, our laboratory uses the very latest technologies to develop innovative, high-quality skin products and cosmetics. With a key objective of customer satisfaction, our Sales and Marketing teams attend to Beautyworld Middle East 2017 to present our flagship products and latest innovations. They will support customers throughout the purchasing experience, from order to delivery', explains Michel Redouly, Director at Vonage.



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