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Max Factor: A Flawless Finish That Lasts

Max Factor: A Flawless Finish That Lasts

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 / Editor    


Break the rules with Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation

Break the rules of traditional make-up artistry with Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation; a long lasting foundation designed to deliver beautiful skin from morning all the way through to the evening. Women today can have it all with Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation; a flawless finish that lasts. 

The Perfect Foundation

Women today want a foundation which provides full coverage, which stays put all day long and is smudge proof. Traditionally, many women believe that long-lasting foundations can be too heavy and thick on the skin. Because of this, they often use both a liquid foundation AND a powder foundation, to get the best of both worlds. This process is not only time consuming, but also can be heavy on the skin, often creating a cakey look.

Max Factor introduces Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation – a foundation with touch proof technology, so women can achieve a flawless look that lasts and lasts and lasts. The foundation combines both the elements of a liquid and powder foundation into one.

“Foundation is the base of any great make-up look and it is important to select the right product and shade to obtain flawless looking skin. Full coverage foundations that combine the features of liquid and powder are the ultimate base for those looking for flawless all day coverage,” Joelle Mardinian, Max Factor Regional Creative Director.

Make-up Artistry

Working with their team of MUAs, Max Factor found that combining both a liquid foundation with a powdered foundation over the top was common practice amongst both MUAs and women at home. Max Factor’s network of MUAs constantly inspire Max Factor to break the rules of make-up artistry. Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation breaks the rules, by delivering full coverage which lasts all day, yet still provides women with a gorgeous flawless look

Maxfactor Lasting Performance Foundation is now available in 4 new shades with yellow undertones:

  • Tawny 
  • Toffee 
  • Warm Nude 
  • Sun Beige 

“Choosing the perfect shade of foundation for one’s skin tone is very easy. Just look at the vein in your wrist, if your vein is blue then you have a cool skin tone and should choose a foundation with a pink under tone. Or if you have a green vein then your skin tone is warm and you should look for a foundation with a gold or yellow undertone. You can also check your skin tone by applying different foundation colors to your jawline,

“The latest Lasting Performance Foundation from Max Factor is amazing for women in this region because it has yellow undertones. Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation provides full coverage with a touch-proof finish that lasts and lasts and lasts. Whether I’m working with a model on set or a bride on her wedding day, I know Lasting Performance won’t touch off or smudge, and provide high coverage, all day long,” Samira Olfat, Max Factor Regional Creative Director 

The Science

Touch Proof Formula: The formula contains three different oil absorbers, allowing the foundation finish to last all day, without the heaviness or cakiness of some powder or traditional long wear foundation. The foundation has been specially formulated to prevent the loss of appearance (touching off, fading or streaking) throughout the day.

Long Wear Technology: The foundation formula contains a long wear film forming technology, PVP (poly vinyl pyrolidone), which forms a protective film over the foundation layer keeping it resistant to touching off. The PVP is mixed within the formula and forms its protective film as the foundation dries.

Lightweight Feel: The formula is flexible and lightweight, becoming one with the skin, moving with the face and not feeling dry or tight.

Fresh, High Coverage Finish: Oil absorbing powders, which can absorb up to twice their weight, reduce the appearance of sebum, providing a flawless finish that lasts. 

Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation will be available from April 7, 2017 in a total of 4 shades, RRP AED 60.



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