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The Alluring Rosa Moceniga perfume, now exclusively at Paris Gallery

The Alluring Rosa Moceniga perfume, now exclusively at Paris Gallery

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 / Editor    

Dubai, UAE, May 30, 2017:  For over two hundred years, the extremely perfumed Rosa Moceniga has been growing wild among the rose gardens in the park of Villa Mocenigo in the city-villa of Alvisopoli, Veneto. It is characterised by a unique and particular colour: a specific tone of pink that changes in accordance with the light and the plant's blooming state. The more the rose blossoms, the lighter its colour becomes. The array of its petals is also a characteristic feature, along with its leaves and stem.

The Merchant of Venice Rosa Moceniga fragrance is a feminine floral fragrance that reveals the rose in its most alluring way. The top notes tempt with fresh lime and tender rose delicately brightened through blackcurrant leaves. The lush flower bouquet presented in the heart is led by luxurious rose absolute, highlighted by fresh spring magnolia and transparent pink lotus flower. 

Carefully embedded in the soft and sensual base notes the rose is treated as the majesty of this fragrance. Comforting musk, white cedarwood and vanilla absolute are sprinkled with amber crystals to provide a base dedicated to the luminescence of the rose.

Top note: Green lemon, black currant leaves, rose
Heart note: Magnolia, lotus flower, rose abs.
Base note: Vanilla abs., musk, white cedar, amber crystal.

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