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Emirates Dermatology Society launches Sun Protection Campaign for Children in cooperation with BIODERMA in the UAE on the occasion of Emirati Children's Day

Emirates Dermatology Society launches Sun Protection Campaign for Children in cooperation with BIODERMA in the UAE on the occasion of Emirati Children's Day

Thursday, March 22, 2018 / Editor    
  • The first 80 schools in the UAE will be sponsored with free sun protection dispensers as a courtesy of the Emirates Dermatology Society
  • Photoprotect your Children campaign aims to promote healthy sun exposure through partnerships with UAE schools
Dubai, March 22, 2018 –   The Emirates Dermatology Society in partnership with leading French dermatological skincare brand, BIODERMA, today announced, on the occasion of Emirati Children’s Day, the launch of its nationwide schools campaign that focuses on sun protection for children in the UAE. The campaign aims to highlight the importance of sun protection and to encourage children to get into the right habits to protect their skin from an early age. The Emirates
Dermatology Society (EDS) has announced today, that the first 80 UAE schools to register for BIODERMA’s dispensers will be sponsored to implement BIODERMA Photoderm SPF50+ sunscreen dispenser stations for children to use prior to their playtime outdoors. Students will also be taught about healthy sun exposure and how to properly apply sunscreen, through a series of engaging and educational sessions hosted by EDS. 
With the risk of children permanently damaging their skin at a young age, BIODERMA believes that sun protection is a subject that should be widely spread amongst the younger generations who spend a significant amount of time exposed to direct sunlight. This sun protection initiative has already been piloted in two schools in the UAE already and is going to be implemented in 80 further schools soon.
“We call on all UAE government and private schools to register for sponsored sun dispensers in their schools. This is of the utmost importance to young children. In the first 15 years of life, repeated sun exposure can significantly contribute to an individual’s lifetime risk of skin cancer. In their daily life, children and young adults spend up to 90 minutes a day outdoors and that number can increase if the child is involved in sports. Outdoor sports are a mandatory part of the curriculum in most schools. This time spent outdoors can be potentially harmful for pupils who often return home with sunburn. It’s imperative that we instill the benefits of sun protection at school in children. If we can reach children at an early age, it’s more likely that they will make sun protection into a lifetime habit.
Schools have a duty of care to their pupils of all ages to ensure that they are educated about the dangers of sun protection and are given adequate resources to do so.” said Dr. Anwar Al Hammadi President of Emirates Dermatology Society.
Commenting on the campaign, Jean Girard, BIODERMA Middle East General Manager, said: “We’re so proud to be launching this campaign as we believe the topic of sun protection is of the utmost importance.  Children spend over three times the amount of time in the sun compared with adults. Through the campaign, we’re reaching children and teaching them healthy habits that will hopefully stick with them through to adulthood. This campaign is particularly meaningful considering the fact that compared to adults, children’s skins protective mechanism against the sun is not fully developed. Regardless of skin tone, it’s recommended that all children wear sunscreen to protect against sun damage and potentially dangerous consequences. We would like to encourage schools to get in touch with BIODERMA to see how to become involved in the campaign.” 
With every school that continues to register online, BIODERMA will strategically install dedicated sunscreen dispensers for students to use, and will work with the Emirates Dermatology Society to provide educational sessions and material for teachers and children. 

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