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Sawalef Perfumes is now available at Mirdif City Centre

Sawalef Perfumes is now available at Mirdif City Centre

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 / Editor    
The UAE based perfumery strives to stand out in the luxury perfume industry
Dubai, UAE, November 13, 2018:  Sawalef Perfumes, the luxury perfume brand in the United Arab Emirates, opens its new branch in Mirdif City Centre. With opening 6 branches within just 10 months of the brand launch, Sawalef perfumes emphasizes on its presence in the United Arab Emirates with its extensive range of products that include perfumes, fragrant oils, bakhoor, muattar, agarwood and gift sets.  
The new branch in Mirdif City Centre, located at the ground floor, commits to offer the mall visitors a great experience, thanks to the variety of scents that caters to men and women with different tastes in fragrances.
Ibrahim Al-Moustafa, General Manager of Sawalef Perfumes, says, “The opening of the new branch is part of our growth plan for the year. We are delighted to be expanding in the United Arab Emirates and looking forward to implementing our expansion plans in the Gulf region and international markets.”
Al-Moustafa adds, “We curate all our products to appeal to the perfume connoisseurs in the region. Each Sawalef scent tells a story with a deep sense of originality. The strong Arabic traditions are clearly noticed to those looking for an authentic olfactory experience.”
Sawalef Perfumes, which means ‘stories’ in the Gulf region, grasped the attention and interest of perfume experts across the UAE with its strong Arabic roots. The exclusive raw materials used to create the products are of the highest and finest quality that are uniquely picked and used by the master perfumer of the brand to create different stories. Each fragrance is inspired by a story that challenges and dares the senses of perfume aficionados.
Creating unique bottle designs with classic colors and fine qualities, the brand expresses a uniquely Middle Eastern characteristics that is visible through the packaging and design of the bottles.
With over 44 years of experience in the industry, Sawalef Perfumes is committed to follow its vision of creating beauty with passion, using precise skills, while retaining the essence of its Arabian traditions and roots. 
Sawalef Perfumes is available at the following locations:
  • The Dubai Mall – Dubai
  • Mirdif City Centre – Dubai 
  • Salam Stores – Wafi Mall, Dubai
  • Salam Stores – Al Ain Mall, Al Ain
  • Bawabat Al Sharq Mall – Abu Dhabi
  • Dalma Mall – Abu Dhabi

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