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Xcluzive: Quality Beauty Tools for Every Day Use

Xcluzive: Quality Beauty Tools for Every Day Use

Thursday, February 28, 2019 / Editor    

February 28, 2019 - Dubai, UAE

When it comes to keeping yourself looking neatly trimmed, prim and proper, be it for your hands, your face, or your feet, using the right tools with the right quality is the need. While a number of brands catering to such needs exist in the market, none comes close to Xcluzive, whose portfolio of products include makeup accessories, beauty implements, nail implements, hair accessories, bath accessories, foot implements, and men’s accessories. 

Traditional manual work, high-quality materials and careful final inspection are essential production factors for Xcluzive products. All products are designed in Italy, made in China. Whether it’s scissors, nail clippers, tweezers, makeup brushes or even mirrors, all Xcluzive products go under complete quality management control so that the consumer is guaranteed long-term enjoyment of the product. Xcluzive believes in offering superior quality accessories that not only lasts longer but are easy on pockets. 

Here are a few top essential picks from the Xcluzive product range:

Oval Makeup Brush Size 3 (AED 33) 
This premium oval brush from the brand expertly applies all types of makeup including both cream and powder formulas. Dense yet luxuriously soft bristles ensure an even and smooth coverage. The ergonomically curved handle and oval brush head are designed to adapt to the contours of your face for ease of use and a perfect finish. Perfect for blending foundation and buffing out blusher and bronzer. 

Tweezers with LED Light (AED 25)
These handy tweezers feature super bright LED light to illuminate even those hard to see areas. 

Blowdrying Brush (AED 20)
Nylon bristles of this brush smoothens hair while reducing static, making it the perfect companion for a blow out at home. 

Exfoliating Gloves (AED 12)
Designed for use with or without exfoliant scrubs, this bath time essential ensures smooth skin, everyday! 

Xcluzive Nail Polish Remover Hardening Papaya (AED 6) 
Specially formulated for thin and brittle nails, this polish remover gently removes nail polish without drying cuticles. 

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