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Foreo Drops Game-changing Facial Cleansing Device  With Revolutionary App-controlled Features

Foreo Drops Game-changing Facial Cleansing Device With Revolutionary App-controlled Features

Sunday, October 27, 2019 / Editor    

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - October 27, 2019:    The world’s fastest-growing beauty tech brand has hacked the system once again to push the boundaries of innovation, this time bringing IoT (Internet of Things) into your beauty routine making it easier than ever to have the best skin of your life.

FOREO, famous for revolutionizing cleansing with its pioneering skintech, recently launched the LUNA 3, its most advanced and connected device ever with brand new features including a handy in-app ‘Find My LUNA’ capability, and four firming massage routines.

Dalia Fernandez, Product Development Manager at FOREO said: “We’re constantly at the forefront of trends in skintech, leading the industry with our product portfolio and the LUNA 3 is no exception. It is a perfect example of a boundary-pushing device born from the blend of consumer insights we collect, and our Swedish design and innovation know-how.”

As of 2018, there were over 17 billion connected devices in the world. From smart homes to connected cities, and now beauty, the ‘Internet of Things’ is transforming the way that the world works, making processes more efficient and ensuring that technology seamlessly integrates with consumer lifestyles to enhance and not hinder. What’s more, by 2025 the IoT global market revenue is set to reach approximately $1.1trillion.

“Our research shows that our customers want big results, but they also want convenience and by making the LUNA 3 app-controlled we have delivered on this to create a device that seamlessly integrates into their lifestyles,” continues Fernandez. “The ‘Find My LUNA’ feature is once again completely transforming the cleansing experience for our customers, enabling them to take cleansing out of the home and fit it into their schedule when it suits them the most without the fear of losing the device,” 

Edin Muzaferija, FOREO’s Head of App Development adds, “IoT provides the opportunity to configure personalized cleansing routines for everyone to deliver better results and increased comfort. We’re working on many exciting projects right now and moving forward our users can expect new features and products that will continue to push the boundaries of beauty tech further and further.”

LUNA 3 is priced at 1000AED and is available in a range of three skin types including normal (pearl pink), sensitive (lavender) and combination (blue).

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