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Quarantine & Chill with CATRICE

Quarantine & Chill with CATRICE

Sunday, April 26, 2020 / Editor    

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 26, 2020:   Have you ever wondered what are the fundamental makeup products that celebrities use to get a natural bronzed look while chilling at home during these tough times? Guess what, we have answers and they spell “CATRICE”. If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, we’re about to change your world forever! The popular German makeup brand is all things innovation, trends and quality! CATRICE is strictly cruelty free, it’s a huge supporter of the makeup community and while they hold all types of products “face” is their all-time forte! All that, and an affordable price tag. So get ready, we are going to list some products from CATRICE to achieve that gorgeous Shay Mitchell natural bronze goddess look.
During quarantine time, why not focus on self-care. Grant yourself one of those “one-hour” long hot baths, an oat and honey face mask, or even a nice salt body scrub. Then top it all off with a “natural day to day makeup look”; CATRICE has the products for you.
First and foremost, starting your makeup with a clean face is essential, and the best product to start with after your skin routine is a primer. CATRICE is introducing the “TEN!SATIONAL 10 in 1 dream primer” that absolutely does it all. From hiding your pores, to softening any fine lines, to giving you the natural glow you deserve.


A good palette is a necessity. CATRICE “Luminice Glow Palettes” come in two dazzling forms: One is a Highlight and Blush glow palette “010 Rose Vibes Only” and the other one is a Highlight and Bronze glow palette “020 Feel Good”. Both palettes can beautifully complement each other, however, you can also choose one depending on your taste and the look you would like to go for. The plus point is these palettes are very compact and have a mirror!


When going for a natural “no-makeup makeup look” you will have to lightly fill in your eyebrows in an upwards hair-like strokes. Using “Brow Comb Pro Micro Pen” will make this process extremely easy as it has a sharp three-forked tip.


Keep your lips hydrated! “Lip Glow Glamourizer” is a unique lip balm that intensifies the color of your lips with subtle touch of pink, absolutely perfect for a natural yet extra fresh look.


End your “quarantine” makeup look with “EYEconista Lash Millionizer Volume Mascara”, you won’t need more than a couple of strokes, and voilà! that eye-opening look that we adore is achieved


Last but not least, we’d like to end this with a quick pep talk. While we must stay home to protect both ourselves and our community, let’s make the best of the time we have. Dedicate this to self-care, pick up new makeup skills and explore looks that you’ve always wanted to rock! 

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