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Review of RIZEK app for beauty services.

Review of RIZEK app for beauty services.

Saturday, January 9, 2021 / Editor    

With a plethora of online services sprouting across the internet to ease the life of the customers and make services and products accessible without the need of visiting stores in line with the government guidelines, it was time for us to explore on such service from the comfort of our home.

After a lot of research on the best service providing digital platforms, we decided to try the beauty services offered by Rizek, the first ‘super app’ for on-demand home services in the UAE. 

To start with, I simply downloaded the RIZEK app. The app in itself is well designed and user-friendly. In a click of a button I ordered three beauty services manicure, pedicure, and full leg wax.

The service providers turned out to be through professionals and came equipped with all the things needed for the service. The special attention paid to sanitisation and hygiene of the beauty kits and the products used was exemplary. 

In my experience, Rizek lived up to its name of being a super app providing at home services that are reliable, safe, and definitely recommended. The start-up is truly transforming the way services are rendered with an added focus on improved service quality. 

The fact that the services offered include high-end, renowned vendors and partners is what distinguishes Rizek and solidifies its position as a leader in the market.

With Rizek not only are you able to enjoy the comfort of your home, you get professional quality at your doorsteps, what more would you ask for? By granting customers access to premier services at competitive prices, Rizek offers the best in quality and worth at all times.

Overall, I will rate the experience of ordering and using services from Rizek as 10 on 10. It had all the elements of luxury, ease, perfection, and excellence one can imagine.

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