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Faces X Nada Baseshen

Faces X Nada Baseshen

Thursday, January 28, 2021 / Editor    

January 28, 2021:    Meet Nada Baeshen, savvy entrepreneur, experienced investment banker, loving mother, adoring wife, stunning influencer, empowered Saudi, and now, adding to her resume, the official ambassador of Faces Beauty Stores!

Known for her addictive feed, chocka-blocked with aspirational lifestyle imagery, Nada oozes charisma and magnetic charm paired with an intense passion for fashion, beauty, travel, and adventure. Not only does she set the bar in the lifestyle category, but Nada is a huge advocate for a healthier lifestyle and inspires women of the region to reach for the stars. 

The beauty launched her fashion journey with her now successful multi-brand fashion shop: The Huntress. The ultimate female GCC role model, she balances work, play, luxury, and tradition with finesse and taste. 

Faces has always been a pillar in the region’s beauty community and constantly strives to maintain our position as the go-to beauty destination that understands best what women of the region want and need. Beyond a tube of lipstick, or a spritz of fragrance, beauty starts with the celebration of female empowerment and an innate understanding of the intricate and glorious layers of each woman.

Respecting the juxtaposition of strength and delicacy, tradition and modernity, or even a natural blush with a strong lip, Faces was on the “hunt” for an ambassador that exemplified everything it means to be an empowered feminine beauty ambassador, and Nada ticks all the boxes!

Loved by her community, Nada always has her finger on the pulse of the region’s beauty language and her eye on the horizon of trends to come. Nada and Faces truly are a match made in heaven. Keep an eye out for our new ambassador in Faces’ 2021 campaigns!

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