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Born in Roma Yellow Dream

Born in Roma Yellow Dream

Monday, February 1, 2021 / Editor    

The new fragrances for her and for him

“Born in Roma is a dream that never dies.” Pierpaolo Piccioli

In Roma, daylight hits the streets. The sun advances across the cityscape.
Memories of the night become another new beginning.
Imaginations of our past inspire dreams of tomorrow.
Bathed in yellow light, the eternal city stirs.

Yellow an emblematic color of Roma

Roma’s most emblematic color alongside red, yellow’s story is woven in the very fabric of this city. And today, in Piazza Mignanelli, inside the Roman Couture house of Maison Valentino, where Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli applies his color mastery to reinvent yellow into breathtaking Couture for a world that needs to dream.

The dialogue of this evocative color between past, present and future is the inspiration for Born in Roma Yellow Dream.

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