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Valentine's Day Tips from essence

Valentine's Day Tips from essence

Tuesday, February 9, 2021 / Editor    
United Arab Emirates -  February 09, 2021:   V-Day is almost here, and aren’t we excited! But let’s not get carried away, being responsible is still our priority, and celebrating at home with your loved one(s) is always the perfect choice! We are here to help you make this day as memorable as possible with just a few tips!
Let’s talk beauty!
Creating a soft Valentine’s Day look is not that hard and we have just the right products for you to create a stunning “I woke up like this” romantic make-up look! 
Starting off with the right base is always crucial, so wash your face with your favorite cleanser then apply “HELLO! GOOD STUFF” FACE SERUM to hydrate your skin. The formula with pineapple extract will leave behind a subtle radiance that will add a beautiful glow to your make-up. 
Next, move on to creating that natural coverage we love! Our pick for you is the “HELLO, GOOD STUFF!” TINTED BEAUTY CREAM with natural cactus blossom extract, hyaluronic acid and glycerin which will provide moisture to your skin for 24 hours. Its texture is ultra-soft and is guaranteed to give you a natural insta-filter look.
© Both of these holy grail duos are free of silicones and have more than 90% natural ingredients.
You don’t need to be a pro to apply eyeshadow if you have the right palette! The perfect pick for Valentine’s Day is “DAILY DOSE OF LOVE” eyeshadow palette. Contour your eye with one of the matte shades and apply your favorite shimmer shade on the center of your lid for a soft pop of color. 
Complete your eye make-up look with just a few strokes of mascara, we chose 24ever BOLD VOLUME mascara. The formula is saturated with hemp, almond, jojoba oil, and vitamin E ensuring your lashes are nourished yet volumized for 24 hours!
Lastly, nothing screams “soft Valentine’s Day make-up look” more than glossy lips. SHINE SHINE SHINE lip gloss is the perfect pick to complete your look.
Tips on how to spend your Valentine’s Day at home
© Have an indoor picnic – be creative with setup
© Chocolate makes the world go round – so whatever you are eating, just dip it in a bit of cocoa
© Test your partner with a fun couples’ trivia night
© Binge on your favorite TV show or watch your favorite rom-com
© Learn some Tik-Tok dances and challenge each other
© Plan your post-pandemic holiday to your favorite destinations

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