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FOREO Declared Top 3 Most Popular Skincare Brand in The World

Thursday, May 20, 2021 / Editor    

May 20, 2021:  After closing 2020 with an almighty army of over 20 million customers and steady growth of sales, skin-tech powerhouse FOREO makes moves to dominate once again as experts at Lookfantastic reveal that the savvy Swedish brand is amongst the top 3 most popular skincare brands globally.  

The beauty e-tailer research places FOREO at number 3 in its ‘Most Popular Skincare Brands’ rankings thanks to staggering 6,851,000 global searches on Google, leaving well-known cosmetic brands Eucerin and Pai behind with only 5,618,000 and 4,900,000 searches respectively.

The revolutionary brand is best known for its hero product LUNA 3, the world’s softest facial cleansing massager. As well as UFO 2, the ultimate full facial treatment device that revolutionized skincare routines by including heating, masking, infusion, moisturizing, LED lights, massage and cooling into a single cute handheld device. FOREO continues its journey pushing through innovation and has just recently launched a microcurrent facial toning device BEAR, revealing once again - there are no limits to what we can expect from FOREO in years to come. 

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