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Introducing FROMOM in UAE - Premium Baby Care

Introducing FROMOM in UAE - Premium Baby Care

Wednesday, June 30, 2021 / Editor    

For the first time in the UAE, Mummazone Medical Equipment & Trading LLC introduces fromom, a premium Korean baby care line made with cow colostrum made to pamper the baby’s skin with its soothing and gentle formula! 

Cow colostrum contains more nutritious value than humans and using fromom’s technology, the blessing liquid ɑ is extracted from cow’s fresh and locally sourced colostrum when its nutrition factor achieves the highest peak. Combining harmonious ingredients, sweet almond oil, black cumin, and cacao seeds were added together for an effective moisturization and protective layer.

fromom product line represents every mom’s wish to provide the best when it comes to baby skin, and so the signature scent is also designed to create and enhance the special moments between a mom and her baby.

New fromom product line available in the UAE:

  1. Soothing Calm Gel for Baby - Delicate, gentle, and effective. Perfect for all skin types!
  2. Gentle Lotion for Baby - Daily moisturizer, perfect to refresh your baby’s skin!
  3. Hyper Protein™ Cream for Baby - Intensive dual system to lock in moisture and boost skin health!
  4. Deep Moisture Cream for Baby - Moisturization and nourishment for babies with dry skin!
  5. Relaxing Oil for Baby - Perfect for an after-bath relaxing massage!
  6. Soft Soothing Stick Balm for Baby - Instant hydration for baby-soft skin!
  7. Body Care Cream for pre-mom - Rejuvenation and revitalization to all future moms!

All products are dermatologically tested, USDA and ECO CERT certified with safe ingredients and fragrances. 

For more details:

Mummazone Medical Equipment and Trading LLC; Address: Office-1, Schon Business Park, DIP-1, Dubai; Landline: 04 298 4130; email:

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