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Smooth all Types of Wrinkles in 7 Days with the NEW Time-Filler Intensive

Smooth all Types of Wrinkles in 7 Days with the NEW Time-Filler Intensive

Thursday, November 11, 2021 / Editor    

**Experience multi-wrinkle correction strategy inspired by injectables in the effectiveness of a serum¬**

November 11, 2021:  Wrinkles are the first visible signs of ageing. In this highly digital day and age, wrinkles are even more accentuated for most people and it’s safe to say that they are the #1 skin concern of women between the ages of 35 and 75. 

Internationally acclaimed skincare brand, FILORGA, has been a boon for women in this age bracket, helping them overcome their one of their biggest skin concern. The brand recently revealed the new Time-Filler Intensive, a one-of-a-kind serum that contains a set of active ingredients to smoothen most types of wrinkles. Inspired by five recognised aesthetic medicine techniques such as Botox, filler injections, peels, revitalizing injections, and lifting threads, the Time-Filler Intensive simultaneously acts on four types of physiological wrinkles including expression wrinkles, deep wrinkles, surface wrinkles and dryness wrinkles. The results include relaxed features, filled-in wrinkles, smoother and plumper skin in seven days. 

The Time-Filler Intensive also works to tighten and firm the neck, inspired by the medical technique of lifting threads. On application, its ultra-light texture fuses with the skin before forming a tightening film on its surface with a reinforced smoothing action on the face and neck, resulting in recovered tone and elasticity.

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