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Olivanna - A Lifetime of Skincare

Olivanna - A Lifetime of Skincare

Tuesday, February 22, 2022 / Editor    

Olivanna encapsulates what it means to be a woman.
Those of all ages and life-stages come together as part of a COMMUNITY to INSPIRE and SHARE with one another, brought together by a love of luxury, natural, advanced skincare. Targeting a multitude of skin concerns including ageing, lack of radiance, dryness, and dehydration, the products give an efficacious and effortlessly elegant skincare experience.

Olivanna’s founder, Janine Summers envisaged a highly desirable, female-founded brand that was anchored in formulating sustainably sourced, clinically proven products, using natural ingredients that were beautifully formulated and packaged, for women of all ages to look and feel beautiful in their skin. 

Today, Olivanna is a natural results-driven skincare brand that consciously sources, formulates and manufactures in the UK. Their formulations are SILICONE, SULPHATE & PARABEN FREE with the aim to make as much of their packaging 100% RECYCLABLE. Their cartons are made from FSC paper, VEGETABLE derived inks & WATER- BASED coating, suitable for VEGANS.

From their finest British grown plant and seed oil extracts to their bespoke facial techniques and artisan glass bottles, handcrafted by one of the last remaining family-owned glass specialists in England, the beauty of connection runs through the heart of Olivanna and embodies their definition of luxury.

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