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Ajmal Perfumes Launches New Qafiya 07 And Qafiya 08

Thursday, October 13, 2022 / Editor    

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 12th October 2022: At a glittering launch event organized at Mall of Qatar, Doha; Ajmal Perfumes launched their new Qafiya 07 and Qafiya 08 perfumes – at the Ajmal Perfumes showroom on September 26th. 

Qafiya has been a unique initiative undertaken by Ajmal Perfumes since 2016. Based on the three pillars of Pride, Collaboration and Community Spirit, Qafiya is a fragrance that is 'for the Khaleejis, of the Khaleejis and by the Khaleejis.'

After successful launches in the UAE (2016), Kuwait (2018) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (2020), Qafiya 07 and Qafiya 08 were launched as testaments to Qatar. 

Qafiya 07 is a new fragrance that symbolizes Qatari pride. It is a brilliant blend of spicy, floral, ambery tones, that every Qatari would love. 

Qafiya 08 is a tribute to the pride of Qatar hosting the World Cup – and is a crafted testament to citrusy, floral, woody notes. 

Abdulla Ajmal, Deputy COO, Ajmal Perfumes, had this to say during the launch, 'Qafiya has always symbolized pride. With Qafiya 07, we have created a fragrance that is the new essence of Qatari pride. And with Qafiya 08, we have kicked off a new essence that celebrates the spirit and joy of Qatar and the World Cup.'

Keeping in with the tradition of Ajmal Perfumes working closely on Qafiya with local Khaleejis; Qafiya 07 and Qafiya 08 have also seen a collaborative effort. 

The bottle caps and the primary and secondary packaging for Qafiya 07 and Qafiya 08 have been designed by Muna Al-Bader, an artist based out of Doha, who was also present at the launch. 

For Qafiya 07, Muna has used colors and graphics that are essentially Qatari – rooted in traditional art and motifs. And for Qafiya 08, her design ambition has been to have the excitement of Football meet the rich legacy of Qatari design.

Coming to the ingredients for both fragrances, Ajmal Perfumes collaborated closely with Chef Aisha, a renowned chef based out of Doha, who also made her presence felt at the launch. For Qafiya 07, Chef Aisha has selected a spicy top of Pink Pepper and a base of Amber, whilst for Qafiya 08, her ingredient reference has been a warm Saffron top and a woody Sandalwood base. All ingredients were carefully chosen keeping Qatari tastes in mind. 

Another important personality who was at the launch was Hamad Al Jameela, a famous Qatari social media influencer. He also advocated the pride that he felt about Qafiya 07 and Qafiya 08 being a testament to the spirit of Qatar.

Purab Bhatt, Marketing Manager, Ajmal Perfumes had this to say about the launch, 'Qafiya symbolizes pride, and we are sparing no efforts in a multi-media launch that will showcase this pride. Combining everything from films to social media, influencers to above the line and digital advertising, we are sure to make Qafiya 07 and 08 a huge success.'

Summing up the exciting launch, Abdulla Ajmal, Deputy COO, Ajmal Perfumes said, 'Both fragrances – Qafiya 07 and Qafiya 08 – have been crafted by Ajmal Perfumes as an ode to the ambition, vision and achievement of this region. We are confident of their success, and we know that they will be loved by everyone in Qatar and across the region.'

New Qafiya 07 and Qafiya 08 are now available at all Ajmal Perfumes showrooms across Qatar and the Middle East. And can also be ordered through the Ajmal Perfumes online E-commerce portal – 

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