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Ramadan Fragrance Gift Guide With Amouage and Nest Fragrances

Ramadan Fragrance Gift Guide With Amouage and Nest Fragrances

Thursday, March 14, 2024 / Editor    

In the spirit of Ramadan which is synonymous with giving, you can’t go wrong with a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. Embrace the season with these floral fragrance selections from Amouage and NEST New York fragrance. 

For those who love a rich and layered floral scent, the new Love Delight from Amouage is full of charm, warmth and depth, capturing the true feminine essence. For a lighter and more refreshing touch, the NEST Eau de Parfums and body oils are the perfect combo offering a new and modern way to experience fine fragrance.

All fragrances are available for photoshoot loans at our Z7 office showroom. Would appreciate your support with any gift guides or product placements you may be working on and please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you require any more information.


The universe of Amouage has always encompassed a breathtaking variety of landscapes. From the boundary-pushing territory of the Library Collection, to the complex realm of the Exceptional Extraits, each facet of the House’s creativity has reflected the numerous possibilities offered by the art of perfumery. The Secret Garden Collection occupies a singular position in this rarefied space. Since its inception in 2016, it has been an invitation to enter the uniqueness of the Amouage fragrance aesthetic. With warmth and openness, the perfumes of the Collection have captured the true spirit of femininity in the modern woman. Now, having formed a distinct stylistic profile, Amouage’s Secret Garden has been re-imagined, ready to embark on further journeys of creative exploration. To mark the occasion, a brand new composition, Love Delight, joins the Collection – a delicious creation that adds an alluring dimension to the quartet’s expression of womanhood.

When the scent first reveals its optimistic personality, Ginger and Cinnamon project an effervescent insouciance – a glittering sparkle of joy. Adding to the light-filled effect is tender Rose Water, a material being used for the first time in an Amouage creation. As the perfume offers up further charms, the florals in its heart – Heliotrope, Jasmine and Rose – cast a knowing smile across the brightness of the opening. Finally, three precious absolutes, Vanilla Bean, Cocoa and Rum, unite themselves to Cypriol and the Honey Glazed Pastry accord to add an air of languorous ease, balancing the dazzling, solar elements.

Free-spirited and spontaneous, but also generous and open-hearted, Love Delight is an irrepressible tribute to the woman who seeks and finds all the pleasures life has to offer. It is, as its name suggests, a creation that is both full of love and full of delight.

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